Delivering Service Value is how we base our whole business function.

We are determined to bring EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE, and PROVEN PEOPLE to your facility to ease the stress and financial burden to your organization.

Aviation NetWorX is a technician network – a continually improving pipeline of skilled people and teams you can count on.

We personally question, vet, and reference every technician that we have in Aviation NetWorX to ensure their skill set matches your needs.

Core Benefits to your organization

  • Less rework, fewer parts issues and reduce delivery days means lower costs for you,
  • Flexible and proven effective skilled contract support specializing in repair, mods, and heavy maintenance,
  • Resources to instantly expand your expert workforce – we’re accountable and driven,
  • Growth through added business opportunities – expand your corporate horizons,
  • Clearly identify your bottom line – predetermine your margins,
  • Reduce or eliminate your revolving contractor staffing issues,
  • Improved task prioritizing and allocation,
  • We FOCUS on Quality, Efficiency and Throughput.

From individual specialists, technicians, lead hand and auditors, to complete project management and embodiment teams & support, it’s the Aviation NetWorX option – our mission – is to give your organization more flexibility to meet challenging employer demands and deadlines while keeping your budget accurate, your balance sheet black and your reputation spotless.