During its first ever virtual product launch, Honda Aircraft Company on May 26 unveiled the HondaJet Elite S, which features numerous upgrades “that expand operational capability and improve flight operation,” the company said.

The HondaJet Elite S has an increased maximum takeoff weight of 200 pounds, allowing operators to fly up to 120 nautical miles further at a higher payload, or take an additional passenger* during their typical mission. The aircraft has a range of 1,437 nautical miles, and a maximum cruise speed of 422 KTAS at 30,000 feet — which the company said makes it the farthest-flying and fastest business jet in its class. The Elite S also has a weather-topping maximum cruise altitude of 43,000 feet.

The Elite S features a “highly customizable avionics suite,” according to the manufacturer. New avionics in the aircraft include FAA Data Comm and ACARS, which replace traditional voice commands with text-based messaging to improve the clarity and efficiency of communications. ACARS also allows pilots to access terminal weather and departure clearances from supported airports, and communicate with operations centers. If the Data Comm function is disabled, the system can be used as a third VHF radio to increase dispatch reliability.

As well, an Advanced Steering Augmentation System (ASAS) is intended to reduce pilot workload and enhance safety in certain weather conditions.

Honda Aircraft Company took its signature exterior profile “to the next level” when designing the Elite S, introducing new styling with brand new exterior paint schemes available in Gunmetal, Luxe Gold, and Deep Sea Blue. The manufacturer is also offering several color options for the new Elite S logo on the aircraft’s exterior, with the bold red “S” as a standard offering.

During the virtual event, Honda Aircraft Company debuted the Elite S with a special paint scheme, “which represents the company’s continued commitment to research and development of leading-edge technology to realize new possibilities and propose new value for business aviation,” the company said.

Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft Company’s president and CEO, stated: “Since its introduction in 2018, the HondaJet Elite has achieved the best performance in its class while also being the most efficient. And with the new Elite S, we take another step forward in expanding the aircraft’s capability. As a result of the innovation, design, and engineering on the new Elite S, we are once again setting a new standard in business aviation.”

Honda Aircraft Company brought its aeronautical developments, found in its other models, to the Elite S design, including the Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration — which creates a natural sound barrier; Natural Laminar Flow fuselage nose and wing; and composite fuselage. These aerodynamic design features contribute to the aircraft’s fuel efficiency, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and greater savings on fuel costs.

First deliveries of the HondaJet Elite S are slated for June 2021.

Courtesy of Skies Magazine