How do I refer to a technician?

If you would like to refer a fellow technician to ATG, you must first head to our website: and create your MyATG or log in to your ‘MyATG’ account with your credentials. Once you have logged in, on the right of your Dashboard Click on
‘Refer a Technician’. Fill the info for the technician you are referring (first/last name, email address, your message). That’s it, You’re done; When your friend accepts the invitation and sets up their ‘MyATG’ account.
Referral Royalties get paid monthly, two weeks after the end of each month.

How do I know if my referral worked?

You will see the referred Technicians name below your profile.

What is referral royalties and how does it work?

You may EARN up to $1,000 to $2,000 and more per year on the side, for signing ONE person up.

$0.50 /hr (country currency) for each hour they work (if you yourself don’t work for us,
you may still collect), $1.00 /hr (country currency) for every hour they work (if you also work for us)

How long does it take to land a job?

It depends. We work with many companies all across North America, and with some smaller operations the In-Doc time on getting hired could be one to two weeks. But for other larger operations, this process could take 6 to 8 weeks due to startup paperwork and onboarding process. This long term is not the case for most companies we work with, but it could be a consideration. Please ask about any jobs you see on our postings page!

Can you do jobs outside your trade?

It depends on the needs and specifications of the company that ATG is working with. As contractors, we all have our main or core trade and sometimes diversify into other trades and even licenses. Gaining experience in other fields your interested in is always an option, especially if there is a common overlap. And, maybe you would be closer to home with more diversity.

How can I hear about the latest job openings?

You can find all of our latest contract offerings by heading over to our website:, and locating the heading labeled ‘TECHNICIANS’. Hovering with your mouse over this heading will produce a dropdown menu. Look for the heading ‘Job Postings’. This will take you to our job postings board, complete with a map and arrow icons indicating the locations of jobs. You may apply or refer others right from there!
It’s as easy as that!

Alternatively, you can also access our job listings by clicking the following link:

Job Postings

What is the best way to get a hold of you at Aviation NETworX?

The best way to reach a TSS rep (Technician Support Services) to ask about jobs and ATG policies, is to call in to our offices at:
international: (888) 832-6284
Within Canada: (250) 766-0734

Alternatively, to find out about our available jobs, you can email one of our awesome
TSS representatives at:

How fast can I start working for you?

The process usually takes a couple weeks however, if your looking at one of the BIG Manufacturers it may take as long as 2 months so, plan ahead if possible, as it is advisable to remain in your current job until the administrative requirements can be fulfilled.

What documents do I need to get started?

What we need from you to get started depends on which contract position you are looking to be hired for. We will always require your resume to get started, and typically this may be as much as we need. Some companies which ATG is working with, however, may require additional startup paperwork and a background check ranging from standard to comprehensive, depending on the nature of the position.

Where can I find a job location?

You can find a full list of our job locations at this link:

How much can I expect to be paid?

This depends on several factors, such as: location, trade, the needs of the customer, any additional perks and considerations that ATG is able to offer which varies from contract to contract. ATG does its utmost to put the technician first and provide you with the best industry rate possible – we often show the range DOE. Get in touch with one of our awesome TSS recruiters to find out specific details on our rates!