The Technicians, Personnel, Associates and Field Representatives of ATG are united and bound by this Code of Ethics:

We recognize and accept responsibility to those who depend upon the reliable, safe and economical provision of aircraft services.

Professional Skill and Integrity

We will ensure that public confidence in our professional skill and integrity is justified by the highest principles of ethical and professional conduct. We recognize and accept that the safety and lives of others are dependent upon our skills and judgments. We will follow our training and industry standards to promote safety at all times.

Fully Confident

We will never undertake work or approve work that we believe to be beyond the limits of our knowledge, skills and abilities. We will not approve aircraft or equipment as airworthy unless fully confident that it is the case.

Satisfaction of our Employers

ATG Technicians will perform faithfully, industriously, and to the best of their ability and experience, all of the duties that may be required by trade guidelines to the satisfaction of our employers.

“Go To” Technicians

ATG Technicians and Associates will readily adopt a mentoring relationship with regular employees of our employers who seek such support. They will demonstrate shop floor leadership and provide technical guidance without interfering in the employers’ internal technician hierarchy.

Improved Efficiencies

All ATG personnel will strive to provide employers with improved efficiencies and reduced or eliminated rework in employers’ facilities.

Excellence in Quality

ATG Technicians will set a good example to our employers’ regular employees, demonstrating non-divisive leadership, positive attitude, excellence in quality of work and adherence to such employer standard procedures and policies.