It was a great year for our company! ATG saw significant advancements on all fronts
including our website, the Aero Skills competitions, our growing administrative team, and of most
importance, the support of our customers and the many other individuals we worked with in the
field. This growth has certainly been very positive. However, as with all developing programs,
there have been some growing pains. We believe that the lessons learned, and experience gained
will make those programs even stronger, particularly for our NETWorX of Technicians. The main
change will be seen in our web site – our website team now manages all our own upgrades and
improvements to the site. And the exiting news: the new Aviation NETWorX ‘HIVE’ platform will
come on-line within the next few months.

The Aero Skills competitions have had exciting success and are growing in popularity within the
industry and the trade and technical school network. Administratively, we have grown our
Business Development, Social Media presence and our Technician Support Services (TSS) team.
We have raised awareness of the CertTEC® testing program which provides improved
opportunities and financial rewards for aircraft technicians and aviation professionals once they
are certified. In addition, we have promoted the need for more examiners to join this program.
2019 will see the start of the ‘work from home’ option for our recruiters (TSS) and the
implementation of new incentives for our technician associates to continue to build the network.
This will improve our ongoing support of the technicians, the schools, and the industry for quicker
ramp up, thus getting techs on the job sooner.

Our Primary Placement Coordinator and Director of Communications (PCC and DC) have seen
successes this past year through taking on several innovative opportunities within the civilian and
military market.

• In Canada, Triumph Toronto and Avianor in Montreal are producing attractive results. We
have provided services for other southern Ontario accounts including New United
Goderich and of course KF Aerospace, keeps moving along with varieties of projects.
Alpine Aerotek, another western customer saw a few placements from us and we’ll be
seeing them at the Aero Skills in Kelowna this year.
• In the U.S., we have been expanding services to a constantly growing number of
companies. In addition to our regular client’s requirements, including those at
Bombardier, King Aerospace, Stevens, and many others, we provided avionics mods on
three of the E4 aircraft in Nebraska in conjunction with the Ikhana Group team.
• A first last year, includes our support of an inspection and CPCP job in South Korea.
Our administration staff rapidly expanded – a testament to our numerous successes in the
market. This team building required us to move into a new office space in December – one with
windows this time! This office environment has become a busy little bee hive, with each newly
hired individual quickly integrating into the team and developing a solid understanding of their
role and how it fits into the overall goals and mandate of the company. As our NETWorX expands
its reach over the coming years, we look forward with anticipation to working with all our new
partners, companies, schools and especially the Av Pros.


These tournaments were developed as a response to the growing and critical maintenance and
repair technician Skills Gap, where fewer young people are entering the trades and a greater
number of older techs are retiring. The tournaments bring technicians, Part 147 schools, the
industry companies/partners and communities together to create excitement, raise awareness
and attract students to the aircraft colleges and trade schools to generate interest in the aero
trades as a rewarding career. The events consist of individuals and teams competing in various
fabrication, building and assembly contests; these activities are such as would be found in
manufacturing, modification, maintenance and repair departments.

2018 was the second fun-filled, full year of tournaments that brought together more trade
schools, industry, and community participants than the year before. These regional contests were
held in six states and two provinces including Indiana, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Kansas, California,
British Columbia and Ontario. The Can-Am National Championship “Top Gun” and “Gunslinger”
events were held, where else but in Arizona, and provided a very rousing finale to the year’s tour.
25,000 miles on the touring rigs manned by several team members, attracted 89 competitors,
involved 16 schools and hosted 15 of the best of the best winners from the various regional
contests to the finals. We awarded over $70,000 in prize money, trips and $22,000 in tools and
tool boxes (thanks Snap-On and Yard Store) to two lucky winners.

Looking ahead to 2019 where there will be a few schools hosting their own events, with ATG
partnering to assist them in creating even more successful competitive contests. These will be
worked into and help feed competitors to the Aero Skills Regionals schedule. Aero Skills
Tournaments are a friendly, fun way for technicians to practice and show off their skills as well
as make new friends and connections. We’re getting ready now for Aero Skills 3!


As we reflect on 2018, we are very proud of our expanded ATG team and all their impressive
accomplishments. It has been a very busy year as we hired new Technical Support Services (TSS)
and other team members where our office currently has Cheryl, our VP of Aero Skills; Alicia, HR
leader; Vee and Courtenay, Accounts Payable leader and Dustin, Operations Director. We also
have two TSS representatives working remotely as part of the ‘work from home’ program – Janice
in Oklahoma and Susan in British Columbia. In our Home Office in Lake Country, BC, we have
Tammy overseeing things, as well as a terrific pair of TSS individuals, Chase and Emily, supporting
our technicians. They ensure that the techs who, in our philosophy we consider to be our
customers as well, are promptly provided with the most current contract opportunities complete
with all important and detailed information.

The TSS team’s ability to build relationships with our technicians, gain a complete understanding
of the industry, specific client needs, and the skill set of our industry professionals, is in
everyone’s best interest – our customers, ATG and our employees. In this way, those that
represent ATG are known to be reliable, proven and effective. Thanks to our TSS team that is
helping to grow ATG in ‘leaps and bounds’!

People Resources under our HR leader Alicia, continue to support our positive advancement, in
how we work together within the company culture and with our technicians in the field. Our
office staff feels more and more at home by sharing ideas, the office space, social times and
laughter with one another, creating a unified and productive team. Alicia has focused efforts on
evolving HR programs through a more refined performance management system, hiring process
and streamlined communication between the TSS team and our Aviation Professionals.


Our Payroll Department has become a very busy area this past year as we welcomed so many
new customers and technicians and introduced them to our ATG services and programs. We are
looking forward to the continued growth of our tech database and employees in the field.
The Reconcile Team, who audit all pay, royalties and per diems, has been developing too. Our
referral program on the website has turned out to be very popular with it being in high gear north
of the border and the word now catching on in the U.S. This application has allowed the techs to
track and follow their referred techs’ progress as well as encourage new sign up during the year.
The royalties the techs are receiving have been impressive with monthly payments ranging from
$100s to $1,000s. Knowing that these types of rewards are available should encourage all techs
to use their good judgement and refer good people to our program. We’ve awarded over $124K
in this program. Now is the time to get in touch with our office or go to the NETWorX dashboard
if one is interested in receiving the details of this residual income.


In 2018 we increased our active effort to build our presence and engagement on all of our social media platforms. The staff supporting our techs in the field are working to better connect with everyone in order to provide training, idea sharing and planning, and, of course, liking. LOL!
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In order to stay connected with the current and future changes at ATG, Aero Skills and Aviation NETWorX, please follow us on these social media platforms! Information regarding our company projects, CertTEC and other programs that we provide, are all showcased there.
We extend a sincere Thank You to all our customers, technicians, employees and Aero Skills participants for a fabulous 2018 and look forward to even more success in all areas in 2019.


As a technician or Av Pro, with ATG’s programs, you have the freedom to choose both your working lifestyle (nomad, close to home or otherwise) and ways to grow your income (rates, royalties, bonuses and Aero Skills cash prizes).
Whether you are looking for work, looking for new experiences, looking for tools and deals, or for a way to connect and build relationships, enhance your income, or to help our aviation community, we have a new tool to make everything much more supportive, engaging, exciting and entertaining. Watch for the NETWorX ‘HIVE’ details coming soon and get in on the $22,000 in cash we are giving away for connecting on the ‘HIVE’.
Or maybe it’s time for you to show us what you’ve got and come out and compete in the Aero Skills structures competitions and WIN your share of the $70,000 purse!